Jedi Academy

The Ghost Ship

"I rolled a 1."

Session 1 had a few snags, but I’ll be better prepared next time. It was me (Eric) and 2 players Larry playing Chance Harvey, and Josh playing Maikor “Mike” Lothar.

Introductory Crawl:

The Empire was shattered by the destruction of the second DEATH STAR by the Rebel Alliance. The heroes of the alliance came together and formed the New Republic. A tentative new peace reigns in much of the galaxy. Fragments of the Empire known as the Remnant still control small pockets of the galaxy and fight on in the Emperor’s name.

Meanwhile on Yavin 4 Luke Skywalker has formed a new Jedi Academy. Hopeful students from all over the galaxy are gathering at the school. Hopeful students like you…

The students arrived on Yavin Runner 2 and talk to Luke. He welcomes them and assigns them to Master Bur’tek. The students were stripped of anything they brought from home including credits and began there training. Fellow student Savin “Z-Man” Zarker proved to be an annoyance.

The students had some time to get used to the school (6 weeks) and then they were ready to go on their first mission. Master Bur’tek advised them they needed no ally other than the force but they went to visit the surly quartermaster Gansati Tarsiri anyway. They both took training sabers (1d8), and glowrods, but neither of them took blasters. Mike also took a liquid rope dispenser.

Mission 1 text – The Ghost Ship

Master Bur’Tek comes to you and tells you Master Luke has asked us to lend a hand to the people of Quelria. The planet is pretty temperate, a human colony was started there long ago but until recently they were thought lost, turns out they just became nomadic and lost most of their technology. We received this message from a new republic representative.

A hologram of a very tired looking college student appears with a fat man (Ganrax Kutkin) behind him poking him in the back. “I am Kelbett Natrin I’m on the planet Quelria studying their “culture” and the people of Quelria have a request for the new Republic. It seems a ship of an unknown type is orbiting the planet, it came out of hyperspace and apparently partially exploded. (Shaky Cam Footage) “
“Tell them about wife.”
“Some debris came down and unfortunately killed a local”
“Third wife hut smashed now only 2 wife!!”

The students traveled to the ship with Master Bur’tek. When they got there they found it damaged, twirling, rolling, and spinning through an asteroid field. With difficutly Master Bur’tek aligned the airlocks of the ships and the students passed through. Master Bur’tek stayed aboard Yavin Runner 2 to pilot them through the asteroid field. The ship was so ancient it had no gravity generator and relied on inertial gravity.

First they were nearly killed by a laser turret but after disabling it they began to explore the ship. The entire ship was dark inside. The first thing they found was a carbonite facility which was partially flooded with frozen carbonite. The clear section contained a young girl frozen in a block of carbonite which they moved back to the Yavin Runner. Next they explored the bridge where they found the astrogation console had been sliced in half with what may have been a lightsaber.

In the captain’s quarters they found some papers a few shreds of which they saved even though it wasn’t in a language they could understand.

In the machine shop they found an ancient and obviously quite valuable Sith to Basic Cryptograph.

They also cracked a safe with their lightsabers and got the machining plans for making said cryptograph.

Climbing back to the Yavin Runner a failed athletics check resulted in a destroyed cryptograph. They then gathered up the surviving chunks and moved them to the ship.

Finally, they donned pressure suits and explored engineering. The plans for the cryptograph helped them decipher some of the controls in Engineering. They restarted the remaining engine of the ship but quickly realized they had also started (or restarted?) a self destruct countdown. Hustling out of the ship they made their escape and watched as their handy-work rained debris down on the planet.

They then returned to the Jedi academy where Master Luke was receiving a call from Ganrax Kutkin about how the hut of his second wife was crushed with her in it. Master Luke was very contrite as were Master Bur’tek and the students about the destruction they caused to the planet. Master Luke commented that the damage to the astrogation console might have caused the ship to be lost for so long. He also identified the language on the documents as Elder Sith.

They all went and examined the girl trapped in carbonite and discovered her right foot and right hand were both severed. She quickly passed out when she was unfrozen. Master Luke and a medical droid went to work on her immediately. The students translated the name on her jumpsuit as Moy.



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