Jedi Academy

Rooting Out the Evil
everybody be cool

Introductory crawl:
The students at Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Academy have been tracking the source of a new designer spice called NeoStim on the planet Telos IV. They found what they believe to be the source of the spice at the home of Chun Tharon. When they couldn’t gain entry to Chun’s compound they returned to the Jedi Academy to enlist more help.

Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker has also returned to the Jedi Academy after testifying before the senate about the destruction of The Peaceful Ambassador, an ancient Sith ship which was in orbit around the planet Quelria. Moy, a girl the students rescued from the ship, is in the medical station at the Academy…

The students returned to the Jedi Academy.

They went to Luke Skywalker‘s office where he told Maikor "I’m glad your space herpes cleared up but you should not have sex with Gammorean prostitutes they aren’t clean animals. Maikor, and Chance; Master Bur’tek and I have testified before the senate about your exploits. We both know you did your best but the newly minted Senator from Planet Quelria has claimed 3 trillion credits in damages against the Jedi Academy and me personally, they also requested that all Jedi and our representatives be banned from planet Quelria. Fortunately the request was reduced to a million credits in damages which the senator claims they will use to defend themselves from us. Unfortunately we have been banned from the planet. This is of great concern to me because it seems someone is trying to keep Jedi away from this planet. As far as the million credits goes we have already paid the debt but please consider your actions and their repercussions.

Master Atropos has told me about Savin’s spice addiction and your attempt to track down his dealer. So tell me what happened on Telos IV?…."

The students told their tale and asked for more help.

Luke replied: “Very well, unfortunately I can’t give you further help, I don’t have hundreds of agents to send into the field. This is what your Jedi training was for.”

The students returned to Telos IV where they made a date with Zorga Pragta to go to a Cotillion (party) at the Risiles estate.

Zorga Pragta: “I suppose your religious robes will do but please do be sure to get us a suitable ride like a Limousine Land Speeder.”

Maikor made a date with Zorga’s daughter Simone Pragta.

The students then made an appointment with a limo service. They then went to the Groggy Bantha while they waited and made a few credits playing pazaak.

Grayaka the wookie was the limo driver and after some nonsense he chucked both characters into the back. He then picked up Zorga and Simone and took them all to the Risiles estate.

The cotillion:
You’re greeted at the door by a stubble faced serving man who lets you in. Inside a young lady approaches you: I’ll take any coats or weapons you have, no weapons inside please…

Chance bluffed his way in with his lightsaber equipped but Maikor failed.

They entered the ballroom where a few nobles were already engaged in a complex dance.

Zorga said: I don’t see the Manny or Magdeline Risiles anywhere. Oh there is that disgusting Chun Tharon do you know he once insulted my child at the playground!

Chun was a man thin to the point of gauntness he was leaning against the far wall. A poorly dressed Rhodian approached and handed him a metal briefcase. Chun and the rhodian had a whispered conversation and the rhodian brushed past the students as he exited.

Dance well enough not to embarrass your date: Dex or entertainment check DC15

Both students failed causing their dates to run to the bathroom in shame.

The music stoped and the coat check girl’s announced “Please clear the dance floor refreshments will now be served.” Tables with fixed seats around them arose from the floor. The coat check girl and the stubbly door man wheeled in two carts on top of which were huge serving tureens. They struggled to set the tureens on the tables. One of them was standing at each tureen.

Suddenly they both pulled the lids off revealing a tied up very old woman and a very old man one laying on each table. Along with the old people was a blaster which the coat check girl and the door man grabbed up:

Stubbly Man: “Everybody be cool this is a robbery.”
Coat Check Girl: “Any of you rich nerf herders move and I’ll execute every last one of you!!”

All the nobles dropped to the floor while Chance, Maikor and the two servants fought it out. the jedi made short work of the thugs and soon were in an encounter with law enforcement on the lawn of the Risiles estate.

They talked to Nick Almiston the enforcer whose door Chance and Drath destroyed earlier. Flashing his badge:


He got a mostly accurate description from the students and sent them on their way.

They returned Zorga and Simone home where Maikor was unable to avoid a kiss from Simone.

They then decided to confront Chun Tharon so they went to his estate and cut a hole in the concrete wall surrounding it.

They were about to sneak into the home where a pool party was going on but first they investigated a shed on Chun’s landing pad. After a very good search check they found that the floor was actually a secret freight elevator. They hotwired the very simple keypad and got the elevator to take them down to a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel they arrived in the basement of the Tharon Estate through a secret door.


They quickly encountered Chun in his office where they knocked him out with one shot from a blaster. They tied Chun up and found the case which was handed to him by the Rhodian at the party inside they found:

- A Sith Holocron which they had to make a save against (dc10).


- A Subcutaneous NeoStim Injector.

They then investigated the rest of the first floor of the compound and fought the guard in the guard station. They quickly won the fight and they then called in Nick Almiston who was all too happy to take much of the credit for the bust of a leading citizen of Telos IV. The students did appear on the HoloNets shaking hands with Nick granting them +1 to their reputation. They also detected that Chun’s teen daughter Shiler Tharon was force sensitive but failed to convince her to come to the Jedi Academy.

They returned to the academy where Moy was clunking around on her droid foot being chased by J2-1B like a normal 10 year old. When she sensed the Sith Holocron the students were carrying they all went to Master Luke’s office. Moy examined the holocron and declared it “cho-tun” which the droid translated as “broken”. The students explained the rest of their exploits to Luke and took a well deserved rest until the next mission!

The Spice Ring
"root out this evil"

Introductory Crawl:
New students at the Jedi Academy have destroyed a ship known as the Peaceful Ambassador and rained destruction down on nearby planet Quelria. Master Luke Skywalker has been summoned by the galactic senate to explain their actions.

A mysterious girl frozen in carbonite with grievous injuries was rescued from the ship before it was destroyed. She remains unconscious in the medical station of the Academy.

A new student has joined the Jedi Academy Drath Benak Krus. He is a force sensitive human soldier, played by Yamil.

Chance Harvey, and Maikor “Mike” Lothar have returned to the Jedi academy after their mission to the ship in orbit around Quelria.

Moy the girl who was frozen in carbonite was in the medical station being taken care of by J2-1B (the staff medical droid).

Master Luke called Maikor and Chance into his office, Master Bur’tek was there as well. "Students I have some bad news, even though you and master Bur’tek did your best on what we now know was a sith ship we have been summoned by the Galactic Senate to explain our actions. Master Bur’tek and I are going to testify so I will leave you in the hands of Master Atropos. Go to your quarters for now… " soon the students heard Yavin Runner 1 leaving.

Maikor went to the medical station to have his outbreak of space herpes treated.

Chance returned to his room where he encountered Drath for the first time. While they were getting to know each other Z-man entered.

Mission 2 Text – The Spice Ring
Z-Man approaches the players. “Woah! I heard you guys blew up an evil sith ship, and rescued a girl! You’re like real Jedis now! Master Atropos has me memorizing Jedi codes of conduct and historical battles all day. Guess what though guys I got my first mission and you get to go too! I already have all the equipment we need in Yavin Runner 2.”
int check:
DC17 – Savin looks nauseated
DC20+ – Savin looks nervous and nauseated and is an idiot, you can’t believe he could prepare for this trip himself, furthermore where is Master Atropos?

On successful int check do a wis check:
DC15 – Savin is really suffering from something
DC20+ – Savin appears to be suffering spice withdrawl.

The players passed the first int check and noticed Savin was looking nauseated. This combined with his suspicious actions led them to try to find Master Atropos. The players with Z-Man in tow soon encountered Atropos. Atropos quickly noticed that Z-man was suffering from spice withdrawal. They dragged the screaming and sweating man to the medical station where he was submerged in a bacta tank to finish withdrawing.

Atropos, Chance, and Drath returned to the student quarters where Atropos cut the lock off of Z-Man’s footlocker. Inside they found his datapad which contained communication between Z-man and his dealer on Telos IV. The dealer’s name was Skyke Tarkker and he lived above the Groggy Bantha cantina in the city of Thani.

Chance and Drath went to talk to the quartermaster who Z-Man had assaulted with a metal pipe. Gansati was in reasonable health but the supplies of the school had been pillaged. When the students investigated Yavin Runner II they found all the supplies. They moved them back into the quartermaster’s area, and selected a few items of equipment. They quizzed master Atropos on what he knew about Thani Resulting in this map:

The students traveled to Telos IV and landed at the New Republic landing pad without incident. On arrival they tried to consult Zorga Pragta at the Hall of Records about the Groggy Bantha but she had no information on a building constructed in the slums.

The students then went on to the Groggy Bantha and encounter Skyke above his droid operated bar. The fat Rhodian was in an altered state due to the death sticks he was sucking down. While the students talked to him he dropped a lightsaber he was using to light his death sticks. The saber fell through the floor burning a few locks off the head of Grayaka a patron of the downstairs bar. The wookie charged up to the second floor and tearing the door off it’s hinges confronted Skyke. The students kept their cool and prevented any death or dismemberment and the wookie left after kicking Skyke into a corner.

The students questioned Skyke about his supplier and at first he gave up Grayka but the students passed a sense motive check to determine he was lying. He then gave the location of a nearby house where he said they could find some spice.

The students went to the house a few blocks away and found it to be much more substantial than the nearby shanties. Knocking yielded an unsatisfactory response so they decided to cut a hole in the door. The resident Nick Almiston was a fat black man who came out with blaster in hand. He was disarmed by Drath. Chance passed an intimidation check and Nick let the students know that his only involvement with Skyke was hustling him out of a cafe recently.

The students apologized profusely and asked Nick to send any bill to the Jedi Academy.

The students returned to confront Skyke who was now unhappily drinking at the bar. He gave them what he now claimed was the true supplier of spice to the area: Chun Tharon but advised them it was death to go against him.

The students returned to talk to Pragta and got the floorplans for Chun’s homee.

They unsuccessfully tried to bluff their way in to the house by talking to Shiler Tharon the teenage daughter of Chun but they failed to convince her and her father shut the conversation down.

The students then returned to the school to try to enlist more aid in their battle to root out the source of the spice…

GM Comments: I’m rewinding the students about 5 minutes to their attempt to get help at the academy because that is going to give an opportunity for new players to join in next game. I’m learning alot but I still made some mistakes. I feel like the wookie should’ve been meaner, there should’ve been some penalties associated with Drath disarming with a lightsaber he wasn’t trained to use, and I should’ve allowed a bluff check at the Tharon estate.

The Ghost Ship
"I rolled a 1."

Session 1 had a few snags, but I’ll be better prepared next time. It was me (Eric) and 2 players Larry playing Chance Harvey, and Josh playing Maikor “Mike” Lothar.

Introductory Crawl:

The Empire was shattered by the destruction of the second DEATH STAR by the Rebel Alliance. The heroes of the alliance came together and formed the New Republic. A tentative new peace reigns in much of the galaxy. Fragments of the Empire known as the Remnant still control small pockets of the galaxy and fight on in the Emperor’s name.

Meanwhile on Yavin 4 Luke Skywalker has formed a new Jedi Academy. Hopeful students from all over the galaxy are gathering at the school. Hopeful students like you…

The students arrived on Yavin Runner 2 and talk to Luke. He welcomes them and assigns them to Master Bur’tek. The students were stripped of anything they brought from home including credits and began there training. Fellow student Savin “Z-Man” Zarker proved to be an annoyance.

The students had some time to get used to the school (6 weeks) and then they were ready to go on their first mission. Master Bur’tek advised them they needed no ally other than the force but they went to visit the surly quartermaster Gansati Tarsiri anyway. They both took training sabers (1d8), and glowrods, but neither of them took blasters. Mike also took a liquid rope dispenser.

Mission 1 text – The Ghost Ship

Master Bur’Tek comes to you and tells you Master Luke has asked us to lend a hand to the people of Quelria. The planet is pretty temperate, a human colony was started there long ago but until recently they were thought lost, turns out they just became nomadic and lost most of their technology. We received this message from a new republic representative.

A hologram of a very tired looking college student appears with a fat man (Ganrax Kutkin) behind him poking him in the back. “I am Kelbett Natrin I’m on the planet Quelria studying their “culture” and the people of Quelria have a request for the new Republic. It seems a ship of an unknown type is orbiting the planet, it came out of hyperspace and apparently partially exploded. (Shaky Cam Footage) “
“Tell them about wife.”
“Some debris came down and unfortunately killed a local”
“Third wife hut smashed now only 2 wife!!”

The students traveled to the ship with Master Bur’tek. When they got there they found it damaged, twirling, rolling, and spinning through an asteroid field. With difficutly Master Bur’tek aligned the airlocks of the ships and the students passed through. Master Bur’tek stayed aboard Yavin Runner 2 to pilot them through the asteroid field. The ship was so ancient it had no gravity generator and relied on inertial gravity.

First they were nearly killed by a laser turret but after disabling it they began to explore the ship. The entire ship was dark inside. The first thing they found was a carbonite facility which was partially flooded with frozen carbonite. The clear section contained a young girl frozen in a block of carbonite which they moved back to the Yavin Runner. Next they explored the bridge where they found the astrogation console had been sliced in half with what may have been a lightsaber.

In the captain’s quarters they found some papers a few shreds of which they saved even though it wasn’t in a language they could understand.

In the machine shop they found an ancient and obviously quite valuable Sith to Basic Cryptograph.

They also cracked a safe with their lightsabers and got the machining plans for making said cryptograph.

Climbing back to the Yavin Runner a failed athletics check resulted in a destroyed cryptograph. They then gathered up the surviving chunks and moved them to the ship.

Finally, they donned pressure suits and explored engineering. The plans for the cryptograph helped them decipher some of the controls in Engineering. They restarted the remaining engine of the ship but quickly realized they had also started (or restarted?) a self destruct countdown. Hustling out of the ship they made their escape and watched as their handy-work rained debris down on the planet.

They then returned to the Jedi academy where Master Luke was receiving a call from Ganrax Kutkin about how the hut of his second wife was crushed with her in it. Master Luke was very contrite as were Master Bur’tek and the students about the destruction they caused to the planet. Master Luke commented that the damage to the astrogation console might have caused the ship to be lost for so long. He also identified the language on the documents as Elder Sith.

They all went and examined the girl trapped in carbonite and discovered her right foot and right hand were both severed. She quickly passed out when she was unfrozen. Master Luke and a medical droid went to work on her immediately. The students translated the name on her jumpsuit as Moy.


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